Heather Rooney is an artist specializing in hyper-realistic drawings. As a teenager she became captivated with the challenge of realistic drawing and the meticulous attention to detail that it required. She became intrigued with the medium of pencil, using graphite and colored pencil to create the softness of shadows or the intricate details of facial features. Heather continued to feel driven to improve her technique with every drawing. 

She began sharing her time-intensive process online through time-lapse videos. While the sped up process might appear effortless to viewers, it is often the result of up to 100 hours or more of work at her drafting table with a great amount of focus. She has a fascination for drawing faces as well as figures in action. Every individual has their own unique story. She loves sharing her process with the world and is compelled to follow her passion for drawing, bringing vitality to her subjects on paper with the precision of every pencil stroke.